Four Wheel Drive Club of N. Ireland

The 4 Wheel Drive Club of Northern Ireland welcomes all to a very exciting branch of motorsport. Formed in 1987 the Northern Ireland 4 Wheel Drive Club celebrated its 30th Anniversary in 2017. The club aims to cater for the fast growing interest in both 4 wheel drive vehicles and off road driving, whilst bringing together 4 wheel drive owners and enthusiasts in social and competitive activities. The majority of the vehicles in the Club are Landrovers and Suzukis with a generous mix of Troopers, Discoveries, Shoguns and Range Rovers. The Club promotes competitive friendly events and our membership numbers have grown to over 100 members and includes both male and female drivers, the young and the not so young!! Typical events held include the monthly Cross Country Vehicle Trials, Road Tax Vehicle trials and Competition Safaris. The 4 Wheel Drive Club allows members to choose the way to use their particular vehicle and to learn to handle their vehicle in a challenging and safe environment. On the social side the NI 4WDC allows members to exchange news and share experiences regarding their particular vehicle restoration and DIY within the 4 wheel drive scene and of course to develop friendship with fellow members.